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Train De-railment


East Avenue & Holton Street in Sewaren                                  February 11, 2004



-                 Another Train De-railment between West & East avenue. -
at 1:30 p.m. on Feb. 11, 2004 a train carrying a few tanker cars derailed at the tracks on the end of Holton street. The train was headed towards Motiva (Shell) and contained Ethanol (an Alcohol-like product fuel additive). One tanker car flipped over completely, laying on its top. A few others ran off the tracks. East Avenue, Houses on the side of the tracks was evacuated.


The call came in at 1:30, Woodbridge firefighters arrived on scene to discover the wreck. Immediately, Emergency protocol procedures were activated.


A scene familiar to us in Sewaren (Joke) as Fire trucks, & other agencies responded with news helicopters flying overhead.


The fire officers met with officials from Conrail to decide the best method to take. Woodbridge positioned their ladder truck 1-2-5 on the West avenue bridge and Colonia’s ladder 12-2-1 was positioned on East avenue. Both ladder trucks were in place, along with engines to hit the tanker cars with water & foam if a fire had started.


Both downed tanker cars were righted at around 12:00 midnight. There were no spills, or leaks from either car, which is amazing especially considering the position the one car was in.

The Scene was cleared at about 1:00 a.m.

Thanks guys for another great job…

Now Look at the pictures of the footage I took!!!